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Tianjin Bluekin Industries Limited is a company specialized in the manufacturing of wires including black annealed wires, bright annealed wires, rebar tie wires, and galvanized wires,wire mesh,wire netting,fencing and different nails. Our company was founded in 2002.

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Main Products
    1. Bright Joist Hanger Nail / Truss Nail

      The bright hoist hangar truss nails feature a flat head with a barbed shank and a diamond point. They are most often used for attaching truss plates and other hardware when building roof trusses and other framing applications.

    1. Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring Shank Roofing Nail

      Ring shank nails, also called annular ring nails, are nails with a ring on the shank for an additional 40% more holding power than a nail with a smooth shank. Ring shank nails are similar to screw nails, the only difference being the flat head.

    1. Mechanical Galvanized Cut Masonry Nail

      The mechanical galvanized cut masonry nails are four sided nails with a square point, most often used to attach ACQ lumber to concrete subflooring. The square point prevents splitting of the hardwood boards.

    1. Baling Wire

      Soft and pliable
      TS 30-55kg/m2
      Black annealed, galvanized or PVC coate

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