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Bright Joist Hanger (Truss) Nails

Roof Truss Nails / Joist Hangars / Framing Construction Nail

The bright hoist hangar truss nails feature a flat head with a barbed shank and a diamond point. They are most often used for attaching truss plates and other hardware when building roof trusses and other framing applications. The joist hangars provide support under the joist, beam or rafter, ensuring a strong connection. For more information about these framing construction nails, please see the table below.

· Material: steel
· Smooth shank, Ring shank
· Finish: Bright, E.G, H.D.G.
· Packing: 50lbs/carton, 48 cartons/pallet
· Remarks: no rust

Nail Length Gauge Head Dia. Count per LB.
1¼" 11 17/64" 233
1¼" 9 9/32" 149
1½" 11 17/64" 200
1½" 10¼" 9/32" 120
1½" 9 9/32" 125

Production Process
1. Wire is drawn from a coil and fed into the nail making machine. The subsequent deformed wire will form the head and point, then the nail is cut free from the rest of the wire fed from the roll. Nails with helical twists, serrations, or other surface configurations will be sent into another machine to be rolled, twisted, stamped, or cut into the required form.
2. The nails are then cleaned in a rotating barrel filled with hot caustic soda. This removes any oil from the forming machine and cleans away any small metal scraps that may cling to the nails. Finally, the nails are given a final bright finish before packaging.
3. Magnetic elevators convey the finished nails to the weighing machines, where they will then be drop ped into open cardboard boxes. As the carpentry nails are drop ped in, a magnetic field aligns them so they stack in neat rows.

Packaging and Shipping
25kg/carton on a pellet, or according to customer requests. We supply various packaging types.

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