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Common Nails (Galvanized Coating)

    1. Electro-Galvanized Common Nail Electro-galvanized common nails feature a flat head with a smooth shank and diamond point. Different lengths and head diameters are available. We also supply a variety of different common nail types to meet your requirements.
    1. Hot Dipped Galvanized Common Nail Hot dipped galvanized nails pass through a hot galvanizing line for a superior galvanized finish, making them ideal for use with ACQ lumber. Common nails, as the name implies, are the most common framing nails, used in framing applications.
    1. Electro-Galvanized Ring Shank Common Nail Annular ring nails are nails that have rings on the shank to give them an additional 40% holding power than a nail with a smooth shank. Ring shank nails are similar to screw nails, the only difference being the flat head.
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