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Furring Nail with 3/8” WAD

Furring Nail / Electro-Galvanized Furring Nail / WAD “Washer” Nail

Furring nails with a 3/8inch WAD feature a flat head and a smooth shank and diamond point, as well as an electro-galvanized coating to protect against weathering. Furring nails are useful for attaching stucco wire mesh to the exterior of a structure in preparation of stucco mud applications. Available with or without the wad “washer”, nails that are sold without the wad are suitable for use with laths that already have the wadding attached. Nail types with the wad are designed to be used with a flat wire lath that does not have the wadding pre-attached, and the wad “washer” acts as a spacer that positions the flat lath away from the wall, allowing the cement to be applied in behind the wire. For more information, please see the chart below.

Nail Length Gauge Head Dia Count per Lb
1-1/2'' 12 3/8'' 150
1-3/4'' 12 3/8'' 150
1-3/4'' 11 3/8'' 105
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