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Specialty Nails

    1. Mechanical Galvanized Cut Masonry Nail The mechanical galvanized cut masonry nails are four sided nails with a square point, most often used to attach ACQ lumber to concrete subflooring. The square point prevents splitting of the hardwood boards.
    1. Bright Ring Shank Underlayment Nail Bright underlayment nails feature a flat head with a ringed shank and diamond point. They are widely used for laying plywood or composition subflooring over existing wood floors or floor joists.
    1. Electro-Galvanized Concrete Stub Nail The electro-galvanized concrete stub nails feature a large, flat head and a smooth shank. Each is made from temper hardened steel, and are similar to masonry nails, the exception being the larger head.
    1. Electro-Galvanized Fine Nail Electro-galvanized fine nails are widely used in shale shingles and chamfer applications. For more information, please see the chart below.
    1. Furring Nail (with 3/8 inches WAD) Furring nails with a 3/8inch WAD feature a flat head and a smooth shank and diamond point, as well as an electro-galvanized coating to protect against weathering. Furring nails are useful for attaching stucco wire mesh to the exterior of a structure in preparation of stucco mud applications.
    1. Collated Strip Nail Collated strip nails are an accent nail for framing applications, and fits with most major brands of nail application tools.
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