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Cut and Loop Baling Wire

Double Loop Tie Wire / Annealed Baling Wire / Galvanized Baling Wire

The cut and loop baling wire is a specialized manual tie wire product that is finished with a looped end. It is available in any diameter or length, and can be supplied with either a black annealed or silver galvanized finish. For more information, please see the chart below.

Product name Loop bale wire
material low carbon or high carbon steel wire
Application use in binding and baling, for many companies such as: cotton packaging,Packaging companies, Recycling companies, Waste paper companies
wire gauge 11,12,13,14 and 15 gauge.
length 6 to 30 feet
package in 60,100,125 ,250 pc/bundle ,50/55/60bundles/pallet
type single or double loope twist
TS 350-680N/mm2
Wire gauge Length Roll weight Roll pcs
15ga 10" 23.3kg 5000pcs
16ga 4" 12kg 5000pcs
16ga 5" 13.2kg 5000pcs
16ga 6" 14.8kg 5000pcs
16ga 10" 22kg 5000pcs
18ga 4" 9kg 5000pcs
19ga 7" 5.4kg 5000pcs
Loop type Surface Length Wire gauge
Single Galvanzied 8Feet 15Ga
Single Galvanzied 11Feet 15Ga
Single Galvanzied 12Feet 14.5Ga
Single Galvanzied 14Feet 14.5Ga
Single Galvanzied 14Feet 14Ga
Single Galvanzied 13Feet 14Ga
Single Galvanzied 13Feet 13.5Ga
Single Galvanzied 14Feet 13.5Ga
Single Galvanzied 14Feet 12Ga
Single Galvanzied 16Feet 12.5Ga
Single Galvanzied 18Feet 12.5Ga
Single Galvanzied 21Feet 12.5Ga

Product Line
The baling wire with a loop is made of high quality galvanized wire. When the loop tie machine is running, it will automatically feed the wire and straighten it. At the same time, the iron wire is also cut and bent with loops at each end with a neat incision. This ensures few mistakes and the exact length.

1kg-800kgs/roll, pp film inside and hessian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside

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