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Iron Wire

    1. Galvanized Wire Our galvanized wire is among the best for construction binding purposes, and is characterized by its low price, and excellent flexibility. The galvanized steel wiring is also used in agricultural industries for its excellent softness and pliability.
    1. Black Annealed Wire The black annealed wire is known for its softness and pliability, with a tensile strength ranging from 30-5kg/m2. The wire itself goes through a drawing and annealing process, and customers can request the surface be coated in oil.
    1. Baling Wire Soft and pliable
      TS 30-55kg/m2
      Black annealed, galvanized or PVC coate
    1. Twist Wire - TS 360MPa to 450Mpa
      - Annealed, oiled surface, double wire
    1. Cut and Loop Baling Wire The cut and loop baling wire is a specialized manual tie wire product that is finished with a looped end. It is available in any diameter or length, and can be supplied with either a black annealed or silver galvanized finish.
    1. Rebar Tie Wire 18Ga Rebar Tie Wire
      -Soft and pliable
      - TS 30-55kg/m2.
    1. Loop Ties Our loop tie wires are available as a hot dip galvanized, rust resistant loop baling wire.
    1. Auto Wire Twister Rubberized handle, spring return
      Maximum pull strength with minimum effort
      Only 2 or 3 pulls on the handle are required to tighten the bar tie
    1. PVC Coated Wire ---softness and pliability
      ---TS 30-55KG/m2
      ---surface with pvc coated
    1. Coil Wire They are softness and pliability ,TS 30-55KG/m2.We supply coil wire with annealed, galvanized and coated treatment.
    1. Garden Wire Garden wire also named floral wire is used for plants and packing tying. features of excellent corrosion resistance,long service life and easy twist.
    1. Hot Cutting Wire They are both softness and pliability ,TS 30-55KG/m2.We supply cutting wire in electro galvanized ,hot dipped galvanized,zinc coated from 10g-300g/m2
    1. Barbed Wire Concertina hot galvanized and pvc coated barbed wire
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